About Us

Stunt Athletica is a fitness apparel brand founded and based in Denver, CO. We are proud to be latina owned and operated. We started this company based on the simple idea of when you look good, you perform better. Our fundamental value is that everyone deserves to feel good about their fitness journey, no matter where in the process they are. We want to cater to the beginner gym goer all the way down to the professional athlete & everyone in between! We pride ourselves in being an ethically sourced company that is crafted and produced in Los Angeles, CA. Welcome to the Stunt family!

Kairos in Action

Our model Gaby is seen here doing a split squat in the Kairos Seamless Bra and Legging set.

Kairos Essential Jogger

Whether you're hanging out or working out, the Kairos Essential Jogger is our go to. Comfort definitely meets luxury when it comes to these joggers.